Hacker News post 2020-02-04:

ZipCam | Multiple Positions | Full-Time | Remote (or Palo Alto) |

ZipCam makes a smart, connected, automotive dashcam for driving safety. In the U.S., more than 37,000 lives per year are lost in automobile accidents. Worldwide, an unbelievable 1.25 million people die from car crashes annually. We don’t need full L5 autonomous cars to save these lives: we can add computer vision and machine learning to existing vehicles, to save lives today.

ZipCam is seed-stage and well funded by angels. Multiple positions available, all full-time, either Onsite (Palo Alto) or Remote are OK:

* Midlevel or Senior Machine Learning Engineer. We do neural network analysis of driving video clips: lane-keeping, accident “near miss” detection, sign reading, stop light classification, stop line detection, other driving tasks. Also with a driver-facing camera: classification of various kinds of distraction (cell phone use, etc). You should have experience running accelerated ML models on video data. Experience with IoT is a plus. Experience with low-power (embedded) inference is a plus.

* Midlevel or Senior Embedded Systems Software Engineer. We’re looking for experience with video streaming, intermittent data connections, remote firmware updates, IoT security. Ambarella experience a plus… accelerated NN experience on Ambarella even better.

* Midlevel or Senior Full-stack (database + web) engineer. AWS (incl. Redshift) experience is a plus, security mindset is important. The scale of video data will be: 15TB/mo this year, 20x that in 3 years; please mention the scale of data you have handled before. For web: python on server (just a preference) + whatever client-side js framework you like.

Management experience is a plus for all of the above: we are a small, growing startup so it will be hands-on architecting & coding at the beginning; then hiring more folks.

Drop us a line to learn more about the product roadmap, it’s exciting. This is a historic moment for real-world ML applications. Please send your resume + linkedin & github URLs to Please include relevant publications or mention relevant projects you have done. Looking forward to speaking with you. In your email subject please mention “ML”, “embedded”, or “full stack” + ” job”.

P.S. We have free office pop-tarts.

Please email us at