Machine learning summer internship (classifying driving video clips)

ZipCam, a Palo Alto startup, is seeking a student summer intern (rising sophomore, junior, senior, or grad) with excellent course background in machine learning and general computer science, for a project classifying driving video clips… more details when you interview.

Please provide a transcript of your undergrad/grad CS courses (and optionally other courses); your github link; descriptions of other cool software or hardware projects you have done, especially if they are related to: neural networks, machine vision, driving, or startups. Describe your familiarity with AWS or Google Cloud, with Pytorch or Tensorflow, with machine learning on GPUs, and with ML workflow systems like Kubeflow or Airflow. Describe some large datasets you have worked with. Have you worked with video data?

Possible longer term employment opportunities, during school or afterward.

Please email us at